Individually reclaiming our divinity, while twined together for support. we are divine & twined. 

Divined & Twined was founded by Sisters Tamara Robertson, Tracey Robertson, & our soul-sister Tiyana Dennis. We would naturally get together every day to practice self healing techniques & manifest our dreams. We would make vision boards, meditate, do each others card readings, talk about our goals, talk about our individual strengths & weaknesses, all that! Although the 3 of us were on different journeys, we all had the same ultimate goal, which was to heal from generational & ancestral trauma. During our sacred time together each day we created a safe zone. A healing triangle. We all felt that our strength & power was illuminated when we were together. 

We create all natural healing and manifestation tools and provide support to those in need of spiritual healing. We are your Soul-Sisters of light & love here to help you connect to your highest, most excellent self. And we do it because we believe in the power of this Great work!